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Small Biz Bites IG Live: Erica Payne of EP Photography (Part 2)

Updated: May 30, 2023

And we're back! I enjoyed chatting with Erica so much that I had to bring her back. We didn't get to everything the first time around. I mean, we only had an hour. Let's review our history together before we get into our IG live.

Meeting Erica Payne of EP Photography

A few years back, a young lady approached me unexpectedly while attending PPA's Imaging USA in Nashville, TN. A small group of photographers was hanging about, and we just got to talking. It turns out this young lady was a photographer who resided in Austin, TX. Austin? Austin is a hop, skip, and jump from Arlington, so meeting new neighbors is always great.

Small Biz Bites with Erica

The first time around, Erica and I discussed investing in quality photography. And I love how she added "quality" photography to our conversation. There is a difference, and we both understand that we all attach values to different things. During this first hour, we didn't get to the job of being a black woman photographer and operating a portrait photography business. Again, being a talented portrait photographer, Erica Payne of EP Photography is a portrait photographer located in Austin, TX. She is a mother and a black woman living an extra life.

We had the best conversation regarding operating as a black businesswoman and holding our space in the photography world. There was talk of tokenism and taking advantage of opportunities created to promote and grow small businesses. Click this link to watch our IG chat: Small Biz Bites IG Live with Erica Payne. This was a great conversation and one we truly need to pick up again in the future.

Learn More About Erica's Work

Erica's work is exceptional, and I highly suggest you follow her on Instagram: @urbanmodernchic. I also recommend checking out her website at EP Photography.

It's May, and we have many other small businesses to host. Again, if you're a small business owner or know of a small business we need to spotlight, please contact G.

About Gwendolyn R Houston-Jack

Many black and brown women-owned small business owners struggle with creating a solid marketing plan for their businesses. HouJack Digital Marketing Solutions offers quality digital marketing services to black and brown small women-owned business owners without breaking the bank. We believe in "exhausting the free" and strategically using investment dollars.

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When I'm not assisting other small business owners, I'm hosting photo sessions overflowing with joy. We understand some families are frustrated with the task of booking a photo session. At G Photography by G, we take the lead on your photo ideas to create a memorable portrait session that allows you to enjoy the moment and the memories.

Again, if you're a small business owner or know of a small business we need to spotlight, please contact G.

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