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Small Biz Bites IG Live: Lynn Decker of Wired For Love Designs

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

I had to bring it back and do it big! Last year I invited a few small business owners to share the stage with me on Instagram Live. One of my Flock of Five is Community, and I wholeheartedly believe we all have the power to create change in our community. I also believe we need to lift each other up and promote each other's small businesses. Hello? I am a small biz cheerleader.

About Small Biz Bites

As a small biz cheerleader, I always search for other small businesses to support. I ran across a product called a Zipper Zazzle, and I knew I had to purchase it. Back in December 2021, I recorded an unboxing of my order from Wired For Love Designs. I bought a Zipper Zazzle and was moved by the craftsmanship. I knew then I wanted to dive deeper into her story.

Chatting with Lynn Decker

With that, I formally introduced Small Biz Bites IG Live in February 2022, and my first guest was Lynn Decker of Wired For Love Designs. This Staten Island business owner "sat down" with me to discuss her small business journey and share tips for other business owners. We also discussed how she defines success and why we love New York City!

We had the absolute best time chatting with each other, and I invite all of you to watch our conversation here: Small Biz Bites IG Live with Lynn Decker. You shouldn't need a YouTube account to watch, but it's easier if you have one.

Of course, Lynn offers some amazing jewelry pieces beyond the Zipper Zazzles, so be sure to check out her website. Lastly, if you love her story and creations as much as I do, please follow her on Instagram: @wiredforlovedesigns.

More Small Biz Bites

This is just the beginning of a year filled with celebrating other small business owners. You can follow my photography business on Instagram at @gphotographybyg. When not interviewing other business owners, I manage my photography studio in Arlington, TX. I specialize in taking the lead on family and individual portrait sessions so that clients relax and enjoy the moment and the memories.

And my support of small business owners continues with my digital marketing agency, HouJack Digital Marketing Solutions. We provide quality digital marketing solutions to brown and black-owned businesses and career coaching.

Lastly, don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you're a small business owner and would love to share your story. You can email me here: email Gwendolyn Houston-Jack.

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