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Small Biz Bites IG Live: Erica Payne of EP Photography

Updated: May 12, 2022

I say this all the time, "Being a small business owner isn't for the faint of heart." There are good days, great days, and days you just wanna be done with everything. This is why it's important to have "colleagues" you can connect with.

A few years back while attending PPA's Imaging USA in Nashville, TN a young lady approached me out of the blue. There was a small group of photographers hanging about and we just got to talking. Well, turns out this young lady was a photographer who resided in Austin, TX. Austin? That's just up the street! Fast forward to today and Erica is one of the photographers I turn to in my turn of need (for anything).

Naturally, I had to invite her to the Small Biz Bites IG Live to discuss investing in photography. I really should say "investing in quality photography". Wait, I didn't even introduce her yet. Erica Payne of EP Photography is a portrait photographer located in Austin, TX. She is AMAZING at what she does and I'm a big fan of her work. That's the beauty of art. We all have our own voice and every voice can be appreciated.

When I got to thinking about what topics photographers could discuss together, investing in quality photography was one. We are not one size fits all, so the price for photography work varies. Erica's work involves a lot of detail and the building of sets, so she and I are not on the same page.

Over an hour Erica and I discussed not only what to look for when selecting a photographer, but questions you should ask. We also went down the road of if gear matters, selecting wall art, hiring a photographer for a specific look, and business books for photographers.

Erica and I had a lot we wanted to discuss, but there is only so much time. Click this link to watch our IG chat: Small Biz Bites IG Live with Erica Payne. I knew we wouldn't get to everything we wanted to chat about, so I figured we'd invite her back for a second visit. Stay tuned for that one.

Erica's work is exceptional and I highly suggest you follow her on Instagram: @urbanmodernchic. I also recommend checking out her website at EP Photography. Maybe you're in Austin and looking for an artist who does all the extra.

You know May is fast approaching. Again, if you're a small business owner or know of a small business we need to spotlight, send me a note: contact G.

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