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Personal Project: I've Got Mad Film To Develop

Trauma is real. All kinds of trauma are real including the loss of film. Yeah, the local lab misplaced three rolls of my film. That is never news any photographer wants to hear.

Up to this point, I was feeling amazing about my 2021 film project. I was carrying up to five cameras with me and snapping images left and right. Then the call came that my film couldn't be found. How is that possible? You're a photo lab for goodness sake!

Believe it or not, the anger didn't last long. I want to say it was minutes. The moment I realized moments of time had been lost...the trip to New Mexico and New immense amount of sadness fell over me. I started going over all the time and images that will never be. Hey, there is no going back in time and there isn't a "we'll just reshoot this session." That time is gone along with rolls of film. Highly disappointed is all I can say.

So, I clearly got stuck in a rut. I know I have to let the film go in order to share my images, but I was scared. I was scared of losing more rolls of film. I honestly couldn't go through this much hurt again. The problem is I can't stay in this place. I have to move forward.

And I've done that. These bad boys are on their way to California and yes, I'm asked for traveling grace.

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