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Every Kind of People: Alston G.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Alston Green is a creative and sage residing in NYC.
Every Kind of People: Alston Green

Let’s do the basics first: who are you (it’s good to have a name you know)? What do you stand for?

My name is Alston Green and I'm a 70-year-old passionate, creative sage. I’ve spent my adult life with the hopes of augmenting the lives of Black people (especially). I am an activist who has made it my journey to educate LGBTQ youth of the trials and tribulations we continue to face as a marginalized segment of society.

The battle continues after 50+ years - we continue to face discrimination and opposition, yet there have e been immense accomplishments and acceptance by many allies worldwide. At this juncture, my focus is for my cohort, aging and older adults LGBTQ and all of us at large. I am most proud of how I continue to impact those across all ages. The support and love I receive is priceless!!

What are a few of your favorite things or hobbies? How do you relax and relate?

We all have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic exceedingly. It has curtailed many enjoyable aspects of everyday life. I enjoy meeting and surrounding myself with like-minded folk. Dining, Museums, travel, and live conversations continue to stimulate me.

Alston smiles bright on a New York City rooftop.
Alston smiling and profiling.

People often ask others about their job, but we recognize we are more than “what we do”. What story are you telling with your life? We want to know what gets you out of the bed each morning.

As a retiree, I enjoy my free time. Don’t be fooled the days are not empty; I am involved with several organizations that discuss and impact the older population. I enjoy the opportunity to make my home comfortable, relaxing allowing me to entertain friends and loved ones. Most importantly establishing harmony within my refuge allowing me to age in place at my whims and desires. I have had the pleasure of exploring many aspects of my skillsets professionally. Artist, designer, product development, and color specialists have afforded me the opportunity to move through various work environments. Retail- high-end, Fashion, education, and Home and personal products. Each opportunity I transported my life skills, charisma, and professionalism, creating ongoing successes. Opportunities continue to arrive, however; we are all adjusting to the “New Normal” where professional opportunities are being re-evaluated and have slowed the pace of many project opportunities.

This film project is my personal, creative project. Are you working on anything right now or aspire to create something in the future with regards to future projects.

Currently, several projects are in development. I’m not sure how they will evolve. I remain optimistic.

At G Photography we believe in being social. How can readers follow your projects and/or your journey?

I am on most social media platforms and will certainly keep my followers informed with something meaningful comes to fruition.

We can't thank Alston enough for sharing his story and allowing us to be a part of his journey. This project isn't over yet. There's still time to participate. If you're interested, click the link and get on board: Every Kind of People.

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