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Every Kind of People: Raine Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Raine Love, Every Kind Of People participant.
Introducing Raine Love

It's been a busy one ya'll. There are many stories to tell and it feels like the project is just getting started! Well, let me stop stalling and get to sharing a few stories. So today I’ve got a few questions for Raine Love to answer...a joyful Every Kind Of People participant.

Let’s do the basics first: who are you (it’s good to have a name you know)? What do you stand for?

Who am I? I am “Love”, my maiden name is Rachael Love and I embody every ounce of the word love into my life. I am a person of joy, motivation, perseverance, and so much more. I’ve developed a confidence that has to be shared with the world through being a plus-size influencer and motivational speaker. Alongside, being a singer, performer, writer, photographer, and audiobook reader!

What are a few of your favorite things or hobbies? How do you relax and relate?

My hobbies consist of writing, reading, meditating, and food tasting. I’ve found these things help me to destress in everyday life. I’ve recently grown a new interest in sound bowls to help elevate my meditation and vibration. Those are a few of the things to get me grounded whether it’s a five-minute meditation at my desk for work or reading my current favorite book, “Chakra Healing” to keep me aligned with my spiritual journey.

Raine looks radiant with a joyous smile.
Keep your head up to the sky.

People often ask others about their job, but we recognize we are more than “what we do”. What story are you telling with your life? We wanna know what gets you out of the bed each morning.

The story I tell with my life is, “You can achieve whatever you put your heart into”! My daily jolt of energy to get out the bed is knowing I have another day to get closer to my ultimate goal. I am aspiring to be a plus-size model for Fenty Beauty by Rhianna and a well-known music artist for R&B/ Neosoul with my new forming band, ‘Raine & The Raine Drops”. I did not have an easy walk of life, so with all I am doing I want to inspire those who were in the same position of being in and out of foster care. Those who don’t know what it’s like not having a mother or a father to guide them to be the best they can. I aspire to show them they can choose to be better and not let their environment make the choice for them.

This film project is my personal, creative project. Are you working on anything right now or aspire to create something in the future?

Yes, I am currently working on my EP called, “9/15” this project gives a variety of music types that I have to offer. It shows off me and my personality with versatility, spunk, and sass! My new band as well, “Raine & The Raine Drops” have officially launched to perform at events, weddings, and more! I am also a host for Wednesday nights at Velvet Hookah Lounge for my own segment “Wreck The Mic” Wednesdays! This night consist of different music artist coming together and showcasing their skills for free studio time and a custom beat from my personal producer. Alongside that, I’ve ventured off into being a swimsuit model for “Beekinis” by Brittany and a nail model for “Nailbrat Yessi”.

Raine relaxes while listening to beats on her headphones.
Raine Love rocking out.

At G Photography we believe in being social. How can readers follow your projects and/or your journey?

I can be reached on Instagram @Lynnesworldd, Snapchat @Rai_love, Facebook page is Raine Love, and Twitter is @rainelove15. I look forward to connecting with everyone!

Raine, thank you for sharing your story with us, and thank you for participating in this personal project. If you're ready to share your story and want to participate in the project, click the link: Every Kind Of People.

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