• Gwendolyn Houston Jack

New Year. New You!

Happy new year! Yes, we're about halfway through the first month, but this is the first post of the new year. Truth be told I see every day as a new day to conquer something new. Of course, we have a new decade upon us. That makes everything extra special, no?

Gwendolyn R Houston-Jack Portrait Artist

I declared in December this year was gonna be a blockbuster. I've taken most of January to put my ideas on paper (when it's written down there's another level of commitment). I know we're only 12 days in, but trust me when I say planning is necessary. Now, back to the topic at hand: photos!

Naturally, a new year is a grand reason for fresh photographic images. I am no exception to this unspoken rule. I find time at least 3 times a year to get in front of the camera. I even hire other photographers at times to do the work. All the same, I'm sharing a few of my fresh favorites. May I suggest you do the same? Let's get that photo session scheduled!


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