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The Power of One

Vivid sunset off the beaches in Negril, Jamaica.
Sunset in Negril, Jamaica

I shared this blog post in December 2019 on the way back from a well-deserved Caribbean vacation. I'm sharing it here as I reflect on thoughts preparing me for 2020. That's the beauty of journaling. Writing freezes our moments and thoughts in time, and it allows us the chance to time travel. As I read these words now...ha! There was A LOT of change in 2020. Amazing.

Well, it’s been a refreshing time away. I highly recommend everyone find time to get away and disconnect. I personally prefer a place surrounded by the solemn of nature but choose whatever reenergizes your inner G (no typo there).

Funny enough, it dawned on me I would be completing my 44th year and starting the 45th. I consider every fifth year a milestone, so I naturally have to do something to commemorate the year. As I stared out into the Caribbean Sea, I strongly considered the power we all possess. It feels as though we’re always waiting for someone to make the first move or say the first word. Why wouldn’t we be the first? What’s holding us back from using our natural given power?

This past year I feel as if I’ve dragged my feet on lighting the fire to change. There’s never enough time, enough resources, enough folks paying attention…never enough of everything. Yet, it’s a conscious choice we make every day: where we choose to focus our attention and place our power. I find it to really be that simple.

As 2020 draws near, I’m on an airplane crafting my plan to put my power to work. I’ve made the conscious decision to be the first spark in setting a flame burning. I can feel this unbridled force surging through the cells in every part of my body. One has to wonder if creating feels this electric, imagine what world we’d have.

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