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Allow Me To Introduce Myself….

Self portrait of Gwendolyn Houston-Jack, aka G, of G Photography located in Arlington, TX.
Gwendolyn R Houston-Jack, portrait artist of G Photography

That's one of my favorite Jay-Z lines… it's so smooth. Yes, I'm a Jay fan (I'm an honorary New Yorker). It's February, which is all about self-love for me. Yes, I love my husband and family, but this has been a month of self-celebration for years (in my world). This past week I revisited one of my older posts where I spoke briefly about how I arrived at this secure place of self-love. I figured now would be a great time to start from the beginning.

My name is Gwendolyn, but people call me G. It's so much easier that way. Lord knows it was hard for a six-year-old to get three syllables out every single time, and I've noticed it's hard for adults too. I LOVE my name (my dad named me), so cutting it short to "Gwen" is not acceptable. So why does G work? "G" works because it sounds friggin' awesome.

Early self-portrait of G from 2010.
G Self Portrait

Who am I? I'm a creative looking to change the world, one person at a time. My purpose in life is to create an environment focused on inclusion, well-being, and inner peace where persons can show up authentically. As a storyteller, I capture the souls of those who sit before me and celebrate the individual that they are. As a portrait artist, I provide intentional solutions for my clients.

Over the next few posts, we'll dig a little deeper into other areas of this portrait artist world. I LOVE being in front of the camera as well as being behind it. Here's a fun fact: I modeled for all of six months. It's a lot harder than one believes. Anyway, let's save that for the next post.

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