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Oh glorious September!

September is always the month of starting anew. There are so many notable dates in September for me: birthday, wedding day, my anniversary day (the “Me” day), and the anniversary of my business. Despite all of what’s going on, this small business owner will celebrate 8 years in the industry.

We often walk through life searching for our purpose, but this is true for businesses as well. Simply being a person behind a camera isn’t enough for a company to exist. My portrait photography business fulfills more than that. It’s directly in line with who I am as a person.

G Photography exists first and foremost to celebrate the individual. We are unique, and that’s a miraculous thing. My portrait studio honors each person in all his/her glory. G Photography also exists to promote individual definitions of beauty that exist in the world.

I recall the images of women when I was a young girl. There were so many reminders of what I wasn’t, but times are changing. We have the tools and platforms to let millions of girls and boys know they are beautiful and handsome just the way they are. It’s the not most straightforward task, but I’m up for the challenge.

Lastly, G Photography is about creating experiences while creating memories. Having a portrait made shouldn’t be compared to visiting the dentist! It’s fun! It’s down-home, the bottom of the barrel laughter fun. As a portrait artist, I’m here to help select a wardrobe to accentuate your best parts, find a location to bring your story to life, and help create wall galleries that spark the trip down memory lane. These actions are what I was born to do.

So, as I look back at my humble beginnings, I invite each of you to celebrate with me. Without the support of one’s community, this wouldn’t be possible. I’m celebrating my business as well as celebrating each of you. Happy anniversary and here’s to many more amazing memories!

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