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The Crossroads

People often assume I've got all the answers. I understand my reputation and consistency created this perception, but it's not real. I'm at a crossroads in my life.

Gwendolyn Houston-Jack is standing at a corner at night wearing a white tee and blue slacks with white sneakers. She's got her hand on her hip and one hand on her chin trying to decide what to do.
Trying to decide which way to go.

I stopped everything when my father became ill. I missed voicemails, emails, potential client consultations…all of it. I didn't have the emotional or physical capacity to attend my business class (my professor understood the situation). I was a zombie going through her day-to-day activities.

I felt less than. I was no longer an equal-providing partner in the household. I secretly wondered if my husband was disappointed with the wife he chose. I wasn't sure if I was the woman he married.

If it wasn't for my faith, family, and friends, I'm not sure where I'd be mentally, emotionally, and physically. I often say, "Even the strongest soldier gets weary." This soldier is TIRED, but I'm not done.

This is not the year I had planned, and I'm okay with that. I only met some goals, which didn't include using the planner I purchased. So I just stopped planning (yes, I've ordered one for 2023). But that's the joy of living life: rolling with the punches and making lemonade from real lemons. Yeah.

This is life, ya'll. It's okay to not have all the answers. It's okay to not be okay. It's normal to be confused and unsure of which way to go. But the world will keep turning, and life will improve with time.

Drop me a line if you feel like I feel or are in the same boat. Here's where you can contact me:

YouTube: @grhoustonjack

Instagram: @blackpowerbunny

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