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Meet the Glam Squad Behind the Prom Sessions

Shanequa Jones and Rachel Joseph are the faces behind the grand makeup in the G Photography Prom King and Prom Queen portrait sessions.
Shanequa Jones and Rachel Love create pretty faces for photos.

No portrait session is complete without a little hair, makeup, and "woohoo's" from the crowd. For every Prom Queen and Prom King session, we have our mobile Glam Squad on deck. I'm not the best at styling hair (I've been almost bald since 2001), so I brought in someone who could handle hair and makeup for these awesome seniors.

DFW based Rachel Love is a makeup artist and blossoming photographer.
Rachel Love, makeup artist and photographer

Rachel Love is a DFW based makeup artist and blossoming photographer who enjoys styling hair and enhancing others' beauty with cosmetics. Rachel says she inherited the love of beauty from her grandmother and aunt. "They taught me how to style hair and how makeup enhances the beauty you already have," says Rachel. Beyond working with G Photography, Rachel was the makeup artist for a 2019 Salesforce small business ad campaign.

Shanequa Jones is an aspiring makeup artist located in the DFW area.
Shanequa Jones, aspiring makeup artist

Shanequa Jones is an aspiring makeup artist who is also located in the DFW area. She's been a significant help on set and with capturing the behind the scene footage. "I style hair and makeup and model to let people know anyone can do it," shares Shanequa. "No one is perfect. We're beautiful in any shape, form, or fashion."

These two ladies are the best with putting clients at ease and keeping the look fresh on the set. Be it a bottle of water or reapplication of powder, they are on it! Follow Rachel on Facebook at Love Rae or on Instagram under @lynnesworldd. Shanequa can also be found on Instagram under @_queen_shae.

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