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Why Professional Beats DIY When It Comes to Your Headshots

professional headshot of RS on a Samsung phone placed on a round gray tray next to a flower stem. G Photography by G in Arlington, TX by portrait artist and black woman photographer Gwendolyn Houston-Jack
Professional headshots are an investment.

When everyone has a camera on their cell phone—and often a pretty decent one—it can be easy to think you don’t need professional photos for anything and certainly not for your headshots. Can’t a friend snap a good picture of you with their Samsung in Portrait Mode?

You could ask your friend to take your headshot. Still, suppose that friend is not a professional photographer. In that case, you won’t get an image that conveys the right impression of you and your personal or professional brand.

If you choose to get professional headshots, you should do them right—hire a professional to help you create the images you want.

Image of an older white man with silver gray hear wearing a maroon polo on a black background. Image created by portrait artist and black woman photographer Gwendolyn Houston-Jack of G Photography by G located in Arlington, TX.
Give the best impression of you.

Image is everything.

Professional headshots give an impression of organization and expertise that a selfie or blurry photo from your company party doesn’t. So whether you’re job hunting or trying to promote your business, you want to give off the best possible impression with your headshot.

Think of your headshot as your personal logo. It’s the quickest and simplest way to get noticed by everyone, from potential employers to prospective clients. You wouldn’t sketch a sloppy logo and post it to your social media and website. Instead, you’d hire a professional to create a symbol representing your company and work. Shouldn’t you take the same time and care with your headshot?

A professional can get you the results you want.

Anyone can snap a quick photo, but you need a professional headshot photographer for a high-quality image. A pro knows their craft, everything from composition to lighting to editing your images. They’ll ensure you get the photos you want.

After all, you want people to hire you for your services because you’re a professional and the best at what you do. The same is true for your headshots: hire someone with the skills and expertise to do the job and do it well.

Headshot of a black woman dentist on a cellphone sitting on a black round table. Image created by portrait artist and Black woman photographer Gwendolyn Houston-Jack of G Photography by G in Arlington, TX.
Your professional image is your logo.

Invest in your professional growth.

Professional headshots are more than a financial investment in your future; whether it’s your career or a growing company you started yourself. Quality, eye-catching images can create a solid first impression for potential employers or clients who look you up, making them more likely to trust and connect with you.

Professional headshots are much more than having an image for your LinkedIn or other social media profiles. They’re about putting your best face forward as you network and connect with potential employers and prospective clients. A professional photographer can help you do that!

Ready to get started? Click the link to schedule a risk-free photo consultation with G Photography by G: risk-free photo consultation. Located in Arlington, TX, G Photography by G serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. And for more tips on creating authentic headshots, get our tips here: Creating Authentic Headshots.

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