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Living With Intent

Image of Gwendolyn R Houston-Jack, portrait photographer in Arlington, TX.
Gwendolyn R Houston-Jack, portrait photographer

It’s taken me a few weeks to finally get the words together for this blog post. I mentioned in another blog post 2020 wasn’t the year I wanted, but it’s the year I needed. I believe everything happens for a reason. We don’t always recognize the lesson until we’re on the other side of the journey.

Last year, my year started with a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed approach to a new year and new decade. I attended the Oprah Winfrey 2020 Vision Tour, a one-day workshop looking at our life and committing to being better. My phrase for 2020 was “be present.” Then a pandemic happened. I felt as if everything I was hoping and planning for was wiped away for a very long hot minute. Opportunities, business milestones, travel plans…it all vanished like half the world population in the Avengers Endgame movie.

And, yet, it’s what I needed. It’s easy to create a phrase or select a word, but it takes far more personal power to bring those words to life. I vividly recall looking at my flower beds overflowing with weeds and unwanted elements and recognizing this had become my life. I was simply going through the motions. And for what? What’s the point if we’re not enjoying those moments life presents us?

So, I’m here! It’s 2021, which doesn’t mean we just leave all of last year behind. This year my phrase is “living with intent.” I’m 100% committed to growing as a human (better citizen, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc.) and artist (photography is only one way I express myself). I pray all of you left 2020 with lessons you will take into 2021. As a matter of fact, I’d love to hear those lessons. Leave me a note on my IG post at @gphotographybyg or Facebook at G Photography LLC.

Here’s to another great year!

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