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Kim's Birthday Session!

Say what you will, but teens enjoy being in front of the camera. We're talking good ole' fashioned photo session. It's the trend du jour!

Weeks, no, months ago, my niece inquired about a photo session. It had been a few years since we played around with a few photo ideas, so I figured let's get this session on the books. We knew we were looking for two looks: one casual and one more formal (not too formal, though). Our storyboard quickly came together on Pinterest, and I set out to find what we needed.

Kimberly styling in a vibrant Color Me Courtney dress

We decided to go with Color Me Courtney because it the perfect vibe for this young and fresh 15-year-old. It should also be noted this fashion line is designed by the quirky Courtney Quinn. Of course, Rent The Runway is the G Photography go-to for wardrobe options… it's so hard to go wrong there! We pulled accessories from my closet and found shoes from DSW. When we put it all together, we get the magic you see below.

My niece shines bright in the Color Me Courtney bright yellow wrap dress with fuchsia flowers. Although she is petite, the print was the perfect size for her frame. We partnered a cream wedge heel to tie back to the splashes of cream in the flowers. Our background was downtown Houston. We didn't want flowers with this flowery dress, so an edgy backdrop would allow her to pop. The concrete pillars were the neutral base we needed.

This collection of images is just a small taste of what we created. If you have a teen ready to hit the scene, send us a note: book a session.

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