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Everyday Blessings

Gwendolyn Houston-Jack and her first camera: a pink 110 Pixie

I'm not a fan of most memes, but there's one that tends to get under my skin. It's the "Like this to be blessed today," or something similar, that is often passed around. I suppose my lack of fully understanding the message is perhaps why it irritates me so much.

It's September 2009, and I'm homeless. Not only am I homeless, but I don't have a job. I have a "possible job," but I didn't have enough of a job to secure an apartment. I'm also in insurance limbo as in the full-time insurance just ended. Oh, and what else? The savings is quickly running out. How did I get here? How did this college-educated woman get to this place?

Decisions. Let's call it what it is. These were all conscious decisions, and I'm thankful for them. Every now and then, I think about what would have happened had I made a different decision. Clearly, life is not really a "choose your own adventure" book. Well, it is, but it ain't. There are no options to backtrack when you don't like the ending up ahead. When I consider what might have been, I think about all the folks who wouldn't be in my life today if I had chosen another path. These folks who have brought immense joy to my life and saved me in my darkest hours…where would I be?

G of G Photography and Anika during her senior cap and gown session.

So, let's talk about blessings. Can we take a second to recognize the gifts we so often take for granted? These are simple things such as gas in the car, food in the fridge, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and just peace of mind that this month's bills are paid. And, what about being blessed to see another day and being the light for another soul? Oh, we are blessed beyond measure!

I know 2020 feels like it's been one long, extremely taxing Twilight Zone episode, but we must not take for granted what we do have. I kinda think the universe takes actions from time to time to set us straight. Things happen to force us to change course and get back on track. If this year has taught me anything, it's taught me to be present and purposeful (funny how I selected that phrase in February…coincidence?). It's taught me to live in the moment and put my energy into what brings me pleasure. Today I thank all (family, friends, clients, partners) who have supported G Photography and trusted the dearest family moments to me and my mind's eye. I am blessed to have folks such as yourselves in my corner.

Thank you.

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