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Family First Fridays: February

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Old family photo

Fridays are normally a first photo, but I'm switching it up this year. The first Friday of the month has a new focus. Despite not having kids of my own I'm a huge family first person. Family is more than blood, but I'm taking this segment to travel down, up, and all around my family tree. At a time when it feels as if some of us don't know we're headed, I feel it's best to know where you come from to determine what the future holds.

I appointed myself the family historian via photos years ago. As I've gotten older all of these memories carry more weight. And I need to figure out how to keep this going and how to preserve it all. That's another blog post and another project. Right now I'll just enjoy my slow ride down memory lane. 

Generations of Houstons

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