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Pink Twice Is Twice As Nice!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Pink Kodak Dual Lens camera G Photography by G Arlington Texas Gwendolyn Houston Jack portrait artist
Gwendolyn's first digital camera: Kodak Dual Lens

The Story Continues

Sooooo it was kismet when I laid eyes on this camera. I must have dreamed about purchasing this Kodak camera with a dual-lens for days. OMG! I found ways to get my budget to work to purchase this camera. I loved getting the most jaw-dropping shots with such a little tool. An artist has to know how to get the best from the tools she has.

This was my first step into the world of digital cameras and digital photography. I was a diehard film fan. I truly felt it wasn’t a photograph if you didn’t have to stress about it: knowing whether or not you got the shot, having the correct ISO and aperture, and all the other stressors. Oy! Slowly I warmed up to the idea. The Kodak Advantix was a hybrid of both worlds. It had film, but you could see the picture and take it over if it wasn’t right. Then this pink beauty stepped on the scene. Fate?

Ha! We all know where this story started: a pink Pixie camera. It's only fitting my first step into a world of digital magic begin with another pink camera. Destiny, I say. Destiny.

Arlington Texas portrait artist and photographer Gwendolyn Houston-Jack is wearing a black tee that says "live your dreams" with blue jeans and gray sneakers, She's on location for a photo session so there's two cameras around her waist.
Arlington portrait artist Gwendolyn Houston-Jack

Are Pink Cameras In the Future?

I would love to share that I'm still rocking a pink camera, but that isn't my reality. This Arlington photographer can typically be seen sporting two digital Canon cameras on her hip. Believe me when I tell you I need two cameras on me simultaneously. It's all about efficiency now.

And I'm more focused in my photography work. I may capture landscapes and cute animals for personal projects, but my work is focused on creating individual and family portraits. There's a special event here and there, but not that often.

Photo Sessions with G

G Photography by G is only ten years old, but I've been working as a photographer for years! I'm certain I can't count the preteen years because those photos were not good at all. That's the beauty of living and learning, though.

If you're ready to create your portrait, schedule a risk-free consultation today: schedule a consult. For more details on what I offer, check out our FAQs page: Frequently Asked Questions. And lastly, I invite those who are visual to watch a few short videos on the G Photography by G YouTube channel: G Photography by G.

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