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Pink twice is twice as nice!

Pink Kodak Dual Lens

Sooooo it was kismet when I laid eyes on this camera. I must have dreamed for days about purchasing this Kodak camera with the dual lens. OMG! I found ways to get my budget to work so I could purchase this camera. I loved how I was able to get the most jaw dropping shots with such a little tool. It is true an artist has to know how to get the best from the tools she has.

This was my first step into the world of digital cameras and digital photography. I was a diehard film fan. I truly felt it wasn’t a photograph if you didn’t have to stress about it: knowing whether or not you got the shot. Oy! Slowly I warmed up to the idea. The Kodak Advantix was a hybrid of both worlds. It had film, but you could see the picture and take it over if it wasn’t right. Then this pink beauty stepped on the scene. Fate?

Ha! We all know where this story started, and it’s only fitting my first step into a world of digital magic start with another pink camera. Destiny I say. Destiny.

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