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"You are free to move about."

View of the clouds outside my window on the American Airlines flight.
Flying the friendly skies!

We are free to move about! Yesssss! I took my first flight since the pandemic started this month. I had a want to capture a few friendly faces in New York City, so we did that.

I’ve shared before that I’m fully vaccinated, which is why I felt better about traveling via plane. It felt quite surreal at times seeing the changes that are now in place. First, a mask is required at all times while in the airport and on the plane. It makes great sense to me because I’m not sure all these folks are truly vaccinated. Even better, the sneezes and coughs are already covered (that’s a blessing).

New York City was hit pretty hard when the pandemic started, so I admit to being a little nervous last year even considering visiting the city. Even now, I’m okay, but I’ve always been sensitive to what I touch and so on. Folks are wearing their masks, and social distancing does exist.

As much as we want to “return to normal,” there is still so much more work to be done. We’re still in the pandemic. In my mind, we’ve only made it through the height of the pandemic. It by no means this is over. With summer around the corner, I’m sure there’s a want to forget, but we must stay the course. I’m praying for an epidemic status by 2022. That’ll be a sign of the world moving in the right direction.

There is no alcohol or meals served on the plane right now. So it's Sprite and cookies.
Snacks during the flight.

I’m sitting on this plane staring out the window and wishing for better, healthier changes for all. Personally, I’m about riding it out, but I’ll jump on a plane just as fast. July is around the corner, and I can’t wait to see what travels are in store.

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