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Working with G: Story Time

Fun fact #82120: I enjoy telling stories and creating the scene. It's what I've done since I was a kid. It's what I did in high school and college: tell stories. Even as a sales trainer, I told stories to give the trainees the right frame of mind.

There are several stories in my head—a lot of stories to be honest. When I'm working with my client, we discuss the photo session ideas days, or weeks, before the session. Sometimes I build a story around the client's wardrobe, and other times I select the clothing to meet my theme. Either way, once we're on set, it's all about setting the stage for my client. Talking through the scene is the best way to ensure my client feels comfortable, which helps me create awesome images.

If you enjoy laughing and grand stories, let's work together! Send me a note here: book a session.

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