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Why Portrait Photography Is Just as Important as Family Photos

older black woman sits on a black velvet settee wearing a black fedora with red brim, pearls, red blazer with black top, black trousers with a gold stripe down the side and red heels.
Portrait of J. Walker.

Many families book annual family portrait sessions to capture the growth of their kids and the changes in their family unit over the years. But most people are far less likely to book a professional portrait session unless it’s to mark a specific milestone, like a graduation from high school or an engagement.

Portrait photography may seem unnecessary, but these images are just as important as family photos. Instead of capturing a milestone, they capture the personality and essence of the person being photographed. They can freeze a moment in time, creating memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

There are various reasons why people choose to invest in a portrait session. Maybe they want images for their children to reflect on when they’re gone. Perhaps they are working on their personal brand and want photos for their social media. Or maybe they just want their pictures taken! So there isn’t one reason why portrait photography is important, but multiple reasons, all of which are valid.

Capture memories and emotions

A professional portrait can evoke emotion and take you back to the moment it was taken. Photography remains one of the best ways to freeze time and capture memories, making professional photography incredibly valuable.

Hold on to what’s most important

Look through the photos in your phone’s camera roll. Chances are, those images include things that are important to you. We take pictures of the people and things that matter most to us. So when we go out of our way to invest in professional photography, we know that the people in those photos are the most special.

white woman with blond her and red lips posing with one leg on sofa and one leg on the floor wearing a camo jacket wand sequined romper with red strappy heels.
Portrait of J.H.

Tell your story

Photos tell a story in a way that words can’t. They capture our emotions and the person we were when the image was taken. When you look back on your portraits years later, you’ll remember how you felt and see your history told through photos—a story that you’ll want to share with your loved ones.

Express yourself

While the thought of stepping in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking, it’s often an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and express yourself. Whether through the clothes you wear or the way you smile, you can have fun with your portraits and boost your confidence in yourself through imagery.

framed wall print of a black woman wearing a teal halter dress with her head turned to the side.
Framed portrait of T. Cloud.

Deepen your connections

Whether you hang your photos on the walls of your home or share them on social media—or both! —your photos can help you connect with your friends and family worldwide. In addition, they can serve as a way to update those you love about your life and to include them in your own personal story.

Getting Started

At G Photography by G, we take the lead on your photo ideas. This allows you to relax and truly enjoy the moment and the memories. The next step in creating your portrait is to schedule a quick photo consultation: schedule a consult. During this fast call we'll discuss your ideas, photo needs, and other fun stuff. We may be located in Arlington, Texas, but we serve a lot of surrounding areas (including Houston!).

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