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Who inspires you?

Kristen McMenamy in white Versace suit
Kristen McMenamy in Versace ad by Richard Avedon

Inspiration comes from so many places. I remember the world of supermodels quite fondly. Linda Evangelista. Shalom Harlow. Naomi Campbell. Amber Valletta. And then there was Kristen McMenamy. She was in a Versace advertisement when I fell in love. The pose, her face, the body language…I loved it all. That’s when I discovered Richard Avedon.

Ever wonder how we move through life without considering the creators of the daily art we absorb? I wasn’t aware Avedon was not only a thought-provoking fashion photographer but a portrait artist who captured the intensity of his subjects. He has photographed just about everyone. The work he created with Prince for Versace sealed the deal for me. I spent a pretty penny on the 1995 Versace catalog just to get the Avedon photos of Prince. These catalog pages would come to live on my walls as inspiration for years to come.

Prince in red Versace suit
Prince in Versace catalog photographed by Richard Avedon.

I continue to be inspired by Avedon’s work. He's a photographer/portrait artist I admire. The idea isn’t to copy his style but to understand how to continue strengthening my photographic voice.

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