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What?! Halfway Thru June!

G Photography and 2020 senior at Mercer Botanic Gardens in Houston, TX for a prom gown session
Prom Gown Session at Mercer Botanic Gardens

We keep asking ourselves where the time went. We’ve cleared six months of 2020 already. Six months! Well, we know a large portion of our time was spent being safe (that’s a good thing). Let’s also toss in time to reflect on what’s most important and realign priorities. As we move towards “opening up”, G Photography is giving back.

So, about that contest we hosted last month…it’s on now! We have had the best time working with the 2020 seniors who participated in the G Photography Prom King and Queen contest. The gowns are beyond beautiful!!! We also heard the suits are rather dapper too. These photo sessions have been the most fun thus far in 2020.

We have our glam squad on deck to keep hair and makeup in order.
Glam squad fixing hair.

We’ve got the glam squad on deck, who are bringing all the tools. We know a number of parents had a vision for these graduating seniors, so we are ecstatic about bringing these dreams to life. Our first photo presentation takes place next week, so stay tuned for photos from these sessions. Until then we’re sharing a few "behind the scenes" from these sessions.

And if you haven’t claimed your prize yet, there’s still time! Just email G at You can also follow G Photography on Instagram at @gphotographybyg to see more behind the scenes and all the contest winner photos.

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