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We're Coming and Going

Melvie with myself and her grandkids.
Love the laughter and smile of Melvie

Got the call this morning a loved one transcended. It wasn’t a surprise since she was in hospice, but it doesn’t mean the sting doesn’t hurt any less. Life is a funny movie. I know we’re here on borrowed time, but the act of leaving is still a shock to the heart.

A few months my auntie hosted a family dinner. She shared how much she loved my parents' desert portraits. “I need photos for my obituary," she remarks. Dramatic? Nah, it made great sense when she explained she didn’t have any current photos or something "nice" since the ’80s. Somewhere along this path of living, we allowed technology to tell us we no longer needed to preserve our memories with photos. Not JPGs, but real deal “put it in your hand” photos. Of course, I made this photo session happen. If there’s anything I wanted to capture, it was my aunt celebrating her life right now.

I believe we don’t celebrate enough in my opinion. We wait until it’s too late to start living. This past weekend we held our fall studio mini sessions. A family had to reschedule, but my husband's grandmother took the spot. She was more than ready to go. I tell you the joy in her face was priceless.

Photography is a tool to preserve memories and moments. I'm currently reading "The Beautiful Ones" by Prince and traveling down memory lane through his pictures. These snippets of time are giving readers a look at who he was. Although I don’t see a memoir being written about me any time soon, I know my loved ones will have a chore on their hands dealing with my photos!

It's time to plan for next year's business, and that includes community events. There are so many ideas in my head they're oozing out. I sincerely want everyone to be able to experience the joy of living forever through photography.

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