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VoyageHouston: Conversations with Gwendolyn Houston-Jack

Portrait artist Gwendolyn Houston-Jack poses for a quick pictures on a cream settee.
Portrait Artist Gwendolyn Houston-Jack aka G

Storytellers need to have their stories told as well. I was honored to be "sit down" and chat with VoyageHouston recently. Although I reside in Arlington, TX, Houston is my first home and just one area I service (no travel fees here). And what am I speaking about? The journey of managing a small business of course!

It's work y'all, but so worth it. Trust, I'm not doing this alone. I have a jaw-dropping support circle and a badass husband who keeps me focused. If you have any aspirations of owning your own business, go for it! What's the best thing that could happen?

Read my interview with VoyageHouston here: Conversation with Gwendolyn Houston-Jack.

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