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At the table with my rose gold laptop, Rolleicord, and Canon A-1 35mm camera.
Break time!

Yes! It's time for vacation mode, and I should probably rephrase that as "vacation" can sound like work isn't being done. This is my time to rest and reflect. Rest is beyond necessary, so I am deliberate in carving out time to do it.

This time around the hubs and I hit the road (yes, #JacksTheRoadtrippers) to visit family and friends. It's been a year (like everyone else) since we've done anything major. It was extremely necessary for us to visit our kids and loved ones.

It should also be noted that I decided to take this time for myself and my mental state. We all get tired: tired of working, tired of the grind, tired of people...just tired. This is why we must all find time to rest. I know what you're thinking, "Rest is a luxury." No, taking time for oneself is a necessity. Even if it is just a few hours or a half-day...our body needs it.

The creative side of me traveled with the film cameras only. Well, I have my cell phone, so that's the only digital camera. The majority of our time enjoying each other was simply caught on film, so you know I can't wait to get these rolls developed. I'm praying the images I believe I captured were actually captured. We shall see.

We're focusing on the Canon A-1 35mm camera and what it can do.
Focused on the film

This time around we tried out a few new rolls of film and took our creative ideas to the edge. That's a great thing. When we give ourselves time to reset and refresh, we come back even stronger. I did get a couple of scratch-offs hoping I wouldn't have to come back at all, but I don't think $10 is gonna get me far.

If you're not already, follow me on social media to see all the images: @BlackPowerBunny and @gphotographybyg . This is the best way to see updates on the personal film project.

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