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This Ain’t No Side Hustle

Self portrait of Gwendolyn Houston-Jack
Portrait Artist and Owner Gwendolyn Houston-Jack

September is always the month of new. Summer pretty much ends with the Labor Day holiday, and we all settle into our fall routine with school and such. I celebrate much more than that in September, which is why I’m writing this blog post.

Besides celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary, I’ll be celebrating my own milestones. One of those happens to be the formation of my now seven-year-old company. Yes, a limited liability corporation, which isn’t a side hustle.

G Photography LLC is my next career step. I’m happily working towards the day I step into working for myself full time. I have A LOT of other projects on deck (one of them building this company up), so I’m managing the full-time gig with the part time gig. So, let’s talk about this real quick. Know this people: it's insulting to small business owners when people refer to our hard-earned companies as “side hustles”. It gives the idea what we’re doing is less than and not long lasting. It’s a fleeting idea. We’re not to be taken seriously.

Gwendolyn Houston-Jack celebrating with a glass of champagne
Cheers to all small business owners

Trust and believe this tax paying business owner plans to be in the game for years to come. There are so many ideas in my head, I ache from trying to put it all on paper fast enough. I know I must pace myself because there’s only one me and 24 hours in the day. But this is a celebration post. This is a huge thank you to all my supporters who share my work with others. This is a thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my clients who trusted me with their own special moments. This is a big up to all the other small business owners breaking barriers and growing their community.

Here’s to the next seven years!

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