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Shine Bright with Mariah

Throughout my life, I've always been considered a lively storyteller. If there is anything I could do on the spot, it's creating a vivid story. Now I'm here as a portrait artist, and I get to tell a story visually as well. It's a blessing, folks. It's also an honor to bring the story of Mariah, one of our prom queen contest participants, to all of you.

The focus of this prom queen session was to ensure all eyes were on Mariah. Of course, with a smile this magnetic, this was an easy task. We selected the Japanese Garden tucked deep inside the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens as the backdrop for her head-turning gown. We worked with make-up artist and photographer Rachel Joseph to create a natural face.

Mariah posed against a tree in her prom gown.
Prom Queen Mariah shines bright at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Let me tell you, Mariah is definitely a young lady you want to keep your eye on. During our photo consultation with Mariah, we got a good feeling she was a high achiever. "In high school, I was on the drill team for all four years," shares Mariah. "I participated in the student council, was a member of the black student union, the National Honor Society, and Young Life." Yep, we knew to trust our gut.

If there is one defining theme of this contest, we keep interacting with young people who focus on leaving a mark on their community. This fall, Mariah started her college career at the University of Texas, Austin. She'll be studying Public Relations and African Diaspora Studies. Again, we had to ask what activities she's found thus far. "Currently, I am part of the Texas pom squad and the Black Student Association. I'm also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority." We absolutely LOVE sharing the stories of these young folks.

There is no doubt Mariah will be successful in the future. All the same, we wish Mariah much luck as she begins this new chapter in her life. We believe the brightness of Mariah's smile was perfectly matched with the garden, so we are super excited to share her images. If you're ready to bring a smidge of light to your portraits, send us a note: book a session.

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