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Remembering Prom

Yeah, I’m going there. This is my prom photo from the James Madison class of 1994 prom at the Westin Galleria in Houston, TX. Let me tell it I was looking good, which I was. I didn’t smile because I literally just got my braces. After weeks of looking for a dress, I stumbled into Cache and fell in love. It was sheer at the top except for the few strips of fabric to cover the girls. I loved this dress! I wore it two more times to black-tie events in college before I passed it on to my cousin for her prom.

This isn’t the year we expected. My heart aches for the number of 2020 seniors who were looking forward to prom. They won’t be able to experience fashion show moments at the prom or take the traditional prom photo. It sucks…it just really sucks. I am a believer that we control nothing, but we do control how we react to the changes in the world. I also believe we must continuously create moments of joy for ourselves and others. These prom kings and queens senior sessions are how I decided to bring joy to others.

What are you all doing to create joy for yourself or others?

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