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Reasons to Use a Photographer for Holiday Cards

holiday card with mother and tween son. mother is wearing a black lace sleeve dress and the son is wearing a red plaid shirt with blue jeans. the card says merry christmas and happy new year.
Holiday cards designed by G Photography by G

If you love to send holiday cards to your friends and family each year, you should consider hiring a professional photographer to capture a high-quality portrait of your family. And I’m not saying that just because I’m a photographer myself! Even as a photographer, I always hire someone else to take my family portraits because it’s such a challenge to do them myself. I definitely feel the pain of trying to get everyone dressed and organized—and of course, behaving well—to get a good photo for our holiday cards!

Whether you want holiday-themed photos or a traditional family portrait, a professional photographer can help you get the images you want and, in many cases, even create your holiday cards.

Have a more memorable holiday card

Let’s face it: when you get a ton of cards over the holiday season, they can start to all look the same. Same poses and same quick photos snapped on a phone throughout the year. But professional family portraits make your card stand out and create a keepsake you will want to hang onto yourself and look back on as the years go by to see how your family has grown and changed.

Black man with locs wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans sitting on a red suede stool.
Holiday photo with a new pose.

Create a new family tradition

Photography is incredibly important because it’s one of the few ways we have to freeze moments and hang onto memories. However, it’s also easy to neglect or forget about. Suppose you take a little time out of the year every year to get a professional family portrait for your holiday cards. In that case, you’re starting a tradition that can become a fun family experience and something you and your kids look forward to. Your kids may come to enjoy the tradition of the annual family photo so much that they continue it with their own families when they grow up!

Get the images you want

You likely have a vision in your head of exactly what you want your family portraits to look like, but when you attempt to take those photos yourself, they often don’t come out as you hoped. The self-timer can be tricky, and getting everyone to pay attention and look at the camera can be hard. That’s why hiring a professional photographer can make things so much easier. They have plenty of tricks up their sleeve to coax genuine smiles out of your kids and make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Just what you need to get the perfect photo for your holiday cards!

mother and son pose for their holiday card. the mother is wearing a black dress with lace sleeves and the son is wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans. the holiday card says happy kwanzaa.
Holiday card created by G Photography by G.

Reduce your holiday stress

The holiday season can be stressful between parties, buying gifts, and planning your holiday dinner. You don’t want to add your creating holiday cards to that mile-long to-do list. Instead, let a professional photographer create the perfect images to share with your friends and family, and in many cases, they can even help you design and create a card you’ll love. Everyone could use a little stress taken out of their holiday season!

Now is the time to schedule your holiday photo session. Right now G Photography by G is hosting holiday mini-sessions. We have two options this season and one of those options includes creating holiday photos! Now is the time to select the best time for your family holiday session. Schedule your session here: Holiday Mini-Session.

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