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“Prom Queen” Catherine Peal

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Young Hispanic girl in a pink sequin prom dress
"Prom Queen" Cat P.

High school senior in prom dress in black and white photo
Cat Peal, "prom queen"

Gone are the days of average prom pictures at home. High school seniors are scheduling full photo sessions for prom night. From getting dressed to the drive over to the arrival at the party…prom is a major event.

Do you remember your prom night? I vividly recall my cousin Wayne using my dad’s Minolta to capture my special evening. Although we had a photographer available, I had my camera and video camera on hand. Yes, I was chronicling my life even then.

Wait. This isn't about me. Let’s focus on this amazing, young lady Catherine "Cat" Peal. Talk about turning heads. The goal of our "Prom Queen" session was to capture the best moments of the prom queen: the dress, the face, and the jewelry. Take a look at a few of the favorites.

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