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Photo Session: The Matriarch

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This post isn’t going to be the regular review of a photo session. There is a story here about the value of portraits and time. In October 2019, my father’s grandmother moved into our home. She had finally reached a place in her life where living alone wasn’t the best decision. At least with us, she could do as much as she could for herself.

I typically run a summer mini-session special, and this past summer was no different. I have a home studio, so I set up space as usual. Over the weeks, granny asked about the clients and the sessions I was holding. From time to time, I joked about her being in front of the camera. It wasn’t a joke. A particular area was waiting for her portraits on our dining room wall.

Family portraits in G Houston-Jack's dining room.

One particular Saturday, a client had to cancel at the last minute. Granny asked about the session, and I told her the client canceled, but she was free to take their slot. Unbeknownst to me, she took me up on my suggestion. Before I knew it, Granny was dressed and ready for her photo session!

Pennie Matchett portrait

Needless to say, we created portraits she adores. Here’s where the story comes in: granny understands the value of photographs and photographic images. I recall visiting her home and being in awe of all the pictures on her wall. Years and years of memories and special moments not only decorate her house but openly celebrates her family. She understands and desired up to date images of herself, which also hang in her room.

Granny is celebrating her 94th birthday today (September 5th). She decided on that day she was worthy of professional portraits. She decided today was the day to make her moment. I know we all have phones at our disposal, and it’s relatively easy to believe there is no room for professional photography. There will always be room for a professional photographer and the images we create.

Granny's home on Nixon Road.

A great portrait is more than just snapping a picture. Photographers create a mood, a moment, and a story to be told. We create art our clients will share with others for years to come. So, I end this post with a straightforward request: if you haven’t taken the time to have a portrait of yourself or loved ones, today is that day. Please send me a note here to schedule a session: book your session.

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