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Photo Session: CutttGame713 Grand Opening

I read someplace months ago people equate taking a picture to a visit to the dentist. Ouch!

Having a portrait created, or just taking a picture, doesn't have to be painful. At G Photography we take the time to discover who you are as a person. We look to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere to help in bringing your best self to light. We can even do this in a few moments. Don't believe us?

Here are just a few photos from the grand opening celebration for Cuttgame713 in Houston, TX. We partnered with master barber Clarence Houston III to offer not only his clients but all the clients in this building a quick mini photo session. Most of these sessions were ten minutes! Ten minutes and look at what we created! Imagine what we could do with an hour.

We sincerely thank all the clients who took a few minutes out of their visit to create these memorable moments. To book a session with G, or partner with G for a business venture, send an email here: book with G.

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