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Oh Beaches!

I’m about to stir up the hive this morning. I have yet to see “Black is King”, and I may never see it. Despite being a Virgo and native Houstonian, I’m really not a fan of Bey. Let me also add I’m not a huge TV fan either. Shocking, I know.

As a wife, aunt, grandmother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and small biz owner, I feel there are so many other things I can do (and should be doing) with the free time I have. Not saying that TV can’t bring you joy, but it does nothing for me. I love being on the beach. Give me sun, sand, and seashells and it’s on. Oh, and music! Gotta have the tunes going…all things Prince, Rihanna, dancehall, reggae, afrobeat, and good ole R&B. Yesssss!

I won’t be near the beach this year, but where are we going in 2021?

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