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Let's Go Fishing with Prom Queen Hannah

Everything about this session brought smiles to my face! Let us introduce you to prom queen Hannah S. of Deer Park High School in Houston, TX. If you haven’t noticed yet, these seniors are extraordinary, and they deserve photographic images that are just as extraordinary as they are. When working with each of these seniors, we didn’t want to stay in the box. We wanted to color all outside the lines!

So, where does Hannah fit in? OMG! She’s waaaaay outside the box. First, let’s talk about the gown. It’s a striking blue and white lace with a petticoat for days. Most importantly, wait for it, the dress has pockets! What woman, young or old, doesn’t love a dress with pockets? For Hannah’s session, the focus was to highlight her personality and the environment where she thrives. That means water and outdoors.

We selected Sheldon Lake Park in Houston, TX, for Hannah’s backdrop. The greens and water was the perfect partner to exaggerate the beauty of her gown. To ensure we didn’t leave any of Hannah behind, she brought her fishing rod and bait! Yes, this young lady went fishing during her session…in her cowboy boots no less. We love it!

This fall, Hannah is studying Coastal Environmental Science at Texas A&M Galveston. We wish her all the best in the future and are quite excited to share a few of her images with you. If you’re ready to schedule a session designed with you in mind, send a note here: book a session.

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