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It’s July! Let’s Keep This Party Going!

A young alligator at the Sheldon Lake park swims very close to the me during a photo session.
Alligator looking for a little camera action

Oh, 2020! The month of July is upon us, and it’s going to be another great one. We are continuing to hold the G Photography Prom King and Queen senior sessions, and we’ve had so much fun! The rain hasn’t stopped us. This extreme heat also hasn’t stopped us (well, it’s relatively humid in Houston).

We’re bringing everything needed to the party. We have our Glam Squad on deck, cold water, and plenty of laughs. We’ve had turtles begging for Doritos, mosquitoes aplenty, and alligators sneaking up on the photographer. What else do we need for memorable moments?

Friendly turtle at Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center looking for nibbles.
Dorito eating turtle swimming.

Hmmm? Great images! We are so excited to be sharing these images of these seniors and their fabulous gowns and suits. These are real head-turners, and I pray they can wear these gowns to some special event soon. Until then, these printed images will suffice.

One of the seniors asked me if I enjoyed taking pictures, and my answer was a resounding, “Yes!” It’s a blessing to be able to bring joy into the lives of others through art. Everyone believes a significant event or spending hundreds of dollars is needed to make any change in this world. I’m telling you this is not the case. I’m using the gifts I was given to celebrate others. So easy to do.

Emily R. of Houston, TX at the Mercer Botanic Gardens in Humble, TX finding her pose during a Prom Queen session with G of G Photography.
Prom Queen session foolishness

If you’re ready to have fun at your next photo session, contact me at I guarantee guttural laughs and plenty of unforgettable moments.

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