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Introducing Prom King Jaydon N.

You know I was a high achiever in high school. I graduated with honors, was active in UIL (not sports, but writing), and took a stab at high school politics. I am a slacker…trust and believe. So, you know I was blown away when I met Jaydon N. of Spring, TX. Jaydon is one of the six grand prize winners from the G Photography Prom King and Prom Queen contest.

Jaydon graduated from Kleins Collings High School this past spring, and he leaves a path even I aspire to follow. I believe the word is talented when you have a student who is athletic in all areas. Jaydon played football, basketball, and track. Well, that’s not a big deal. Oh, wait. He was also a taekwondo instructor! What?!

Let’s not stop there. This young man also participated in theater. I have no idea how he found all the time, but I’m curious to see what he does in the future. This fall, Jaydon will be attending Baylor University, where he will be studying Theatre Performance and Business Marketing. Of course, he’s a double major! Would you expect anything less?

G Photography is wishing Jaydon all the best this fall and in the future. We’re so excited to share a few of his images, which were made for a magazine. If you’re ready to create a few photos for a magazine spread, let’s connect: book a session.

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