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Inner G: My Gratitude Post

When the pandemic started, my world like many others changed. What I thought was important just didn't seem as important anymore. The hustle and bustle and burning both ends of the candle didn't make sense anymore. I found myself reevaluating everything.

I've always begun my day with a prayer. I thank the Lord for allowing me to see one more day and then for my loved ones, family, and friends. What I wasn't doing was counting all my blessings. So every night I end the day making a list of three things I'm grateful for. It's made the biggest change in my life and how I view life daily.

Last year before the year ended I shared a gratitude post. This post was focused solely on my husband who is my biggest cheerleader. This small life is a hard one and it would be so much harder if he wasn't in my corner.

Who is your biggest cheerleader?

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