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Hey July, what about June?

What a view! The White Sands National Park in New Mexico is breathtaking.
White Sands National Park

Why is time flying by now? It feels like the year just started, but here we are in month seven. Oh my! Let’s talk about June real quick, shall we?

June brought about travel for G Photography. We took to the land and the skies to create some pretty cool images. I was able to photograph a client in White Sands National Park. Talk about a beautiful piece of land! I can’t wait to share these images in September. I also have to return for my own personal portrait session. There is something about the desert that just speaks to my heart.

I love a good road trip and my BMW X5 was the best for this quick weekend photography assignment.
BMW X5 at White Sands National Park

And, yes, we returned to New York City. We’ll be sharing images from these photo sessions in the coming weeks. I can’t thanks these fine folks enough for participating in my Every Kind of People photography project. At this time, the film has been sent off, so now we wait for the scans. Trust me when I say I’m nervous! The beauty of using film is the wait, and the anticipation is killing me. I won’t know if I captured what I wanted UNTIL I get the images back. If I’m not mistaken, I believe I had three rolls of 35 mm film and 10 rolls of 120 mm film. Yeah, that’s a big bill.

Last Every Kind of Person session of the day took place in Brooklyn. What a way to end the trip.
Sunset from Brooklyn

Okay, what’s next? We have birthday celebrations and surprise proposals on deck. It’s also time to start thinking about senior portraits if 2022 is your year. Grab our senior portrait pricing guide here: Senior Portrait Pricing Guide. Lastly, we are still taking volunteers for my personal project. You can sign up here for the Every Kind of Person project: click here to complete the form.

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