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Hello Prom Queen Diana

We have another grand prize winner story to share with you all. The universe was having a tantrum the morning of her photo session, so it was a "wait and see" game for about an hour. This massive thunderstorm rolled through with a lightning show any weather enthusiast would appreciate.

Of course, I kept an optimistic attitude because there is nothing as sweet as filtered light from a thunderstorm. And then it happened. The skies cleared, and we set out to create royal images for our own princess Diana B. of Victory Early College high school.

Prom portrait of Diana B. surrounded by flowers in the Mercer Botanic Garden.
Prom Queen Diana B. in Mercer Botanic Garden

Diana, tell us a little bit about your activities in high school.

"I was in the art club and Helping Hands. I really loved helping others. Every Tuesday, I volunteered with Book Buddies. It's a program where I read books to little kids in the library."

That's pretty darn awesome. The impact you're making on those little ones will last for a lifetime. Now that you've graduated, what plans do you have for the future?

"I plan to be part of a group focused on helping future seniors (the class of 2021). I'll be there to guide them and give them plenty of tips. I'm also attending college at the University of Houston Downtown."

Oh sweet! We have to ask…what are you studying?

"I plan to major in Biology, so I can prepare myself for medical school. I have always wanted to become a pediatrician to help children and families. Once I become a pediatrician, I plan to save up as much money as possible to open a nearby clinic to help those who cannot access medical help."

That's what's up! We need more people, young and old, to give back to their community or create services for those in need. Okay, last question: tell us something fun or interesting about yourself? What brings you joy?

"Something interesting or fun about me would be that I am very dedicated to teaching my bird new tricks and how to pronounce words. I am also very friendly. and I love to write poems."

Diana is definitely royalty! We can't wait to see the mark she leaves on this world. Before we wrap up this conversation, we must share a few of her images with you. Lighting this yummy is hard to come by, ya know? If you're ready to play in the light with G Photography, send us a note: book a session.

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