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For the love of film…

Ruby is having a ball on the streets of New York City.
Ruby G. is full of smiles!

So another batch of film images has been returned. Unfortunately, I also received the dreaded “one of your rolls was empty” message. I have no idea what’s missing or what miraculous images are now lost to the moment. There’s no need to dwell on it either. There is no going back in time, soooo.

I’m sharing just a few more, and I’m actively working on putting all these images together. The joy of having my photos returned to me is similar to a joyous surprise every time I get the email. These images were captured on the Rolliecord using Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford rolls. The shock of what’s captured never gets old. But, unfortunately, now there is a new problem on hand: storing the negatives.

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