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Every Kind of People: Shae

And so we’re sharing the first of many images from my personal project. This is a multi-faceted project, but I’m excited about where it’s taking me and the lessons I’ll learn. I’m also quite enthusiastic about the people I’m going to meet!

If you’ve been following the blog post, Shae should be a familiar face. She was one of the Glam Squad creatives last year, assisting with the G Photography Prom King and Queen contest. Not only is she a talented makeup artist, but she aspires to be a model as well.

S. Jones, aspiring makeup artist and model.

First up is Shanequa Jones. Here are five fun facts about Shae:

  1. I love to write songs and poetry.

  2. I love to sing (obviously). LOL!

  3. I’m highly athletic and competitive.

  4. I love to play word search for fun to broaden my vocabulary.

  5. I love to dance and feel the beat of the music. I can’t dance, but I definitely do try.

Thanks, Shae, for sharing some fast facts about yourself. Of course, we couldn’t end a session without asking about one’s dreams. When we asked Shae about her dreams, she shared, “My dream is to become successful by any means.”

We’re sharing just a few of the images from Shae’s quick photo session. We are 100% focused on telling various stories this year, so sign up for the Every Kind of People project here: Every Kind of People.

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