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Contest Alert: January Anniversary Giveaway!

I'm still in awe, but it's here. I've been operating my small business G Photography for 10 years. Okay, it'll officially be 10 years in September, but I'm not waiting until then to celebrate.

No one travels this small biz journey alone. It requires a support circle and clients who believe in your product. I'm deeply grateful for both, which is why I've got 10 monthly giveaways scheduled for the year. Well, there are actually two drawings in September, but you get it.

purple toned image of Gwendolyn Houston-Jack, owner and portrait artist of G Photography and her camera.
Gwendolyn Houston-Jack, owner & portrait artist of G Photography

This month I'm giving away a gift card to one of my favorite stores: The Container Store! One lucky winner will win a $50 gift card to get started on the right organizational foot this year. Let's share the details!

  1. Follow my small biz IG page @gphotographybyg.

  2. Click on the contest link in the bio.

  3. Stay tuned for a winner to be announced on January 24th.

  4. All January entries need to be in by January 23rd at 11:59 pm CST.

Good luck!

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