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Collection: Paisley Park Pilgrimage

April 21, 2016. It's the bell that won't be unheard. The news of the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson literally spread like wildfire. I wasn't in the office building two minutes before my boss came to check on me. I thought it was a horrible and awful joke. I knew it had to be a joke. It couldn't have been his time.

Purple Memorial on the gates of Paisley Park

Yet it was his time. My boss actually sent me home that day. She knew there wasn't a way I would be able to operate having learned an artist I genuinely admired had transcended. I had never met Prince. I had attended many concerts, was a loyal NPG music club fan, and could recite lyrics with the best of them. I had always told my boss, "When Prince passes away, I'm going to Paisley Park to celebrate." I kept my word.

I made my visit to Paisley Park on what would be declared Prince Day my Minnesota Mayer Mark Dayton. Truly a magical day to remember I partied purple from sun up to sundown. We shall always remember. Here are photos of the memorials now stored by a local fan. These pieces of the fence around Paisley Park were removed, but are now shared in the studio throughout the year.

Bless up!

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