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Celebrate Good Times!

portrait artist Gwendolyn Houston-Jack with her family celebrating the reveal of a granddaughter
Gwendolyn Houston-Jack and her happy family

There's a granddaughter on the way! OMG! I am so excited to be inviting another member to this family...I honestly can't wait. A dear friend said the husband and I should start looking at property in the area since we visit Georgia so often. Trust me the 12-hour road trip from Arlington, TX isn't all that bad when you leave early in the morning or late afternoon.

So I'm already thinking about family portraits and where this sweet baby is going to go on the wall. I honestly don't travel with my professional equipment unless I have a job. I have a pretty nifty Canon point and shoot that works great for family photos. The camera even shoots in RAW if I needed, but I often go for JPG. These are just quick family photos. And if all else fails, I have a camera on my phone.

pink drink served in a pink blue's clue team girl cup positioned next to the party serve ware
Team Girl Signature Punch

No, these next few trips will require my professional gear and a road trip because dragging equipment on a plane is costly. I know as a photographer/portrait artist we go on and on about how it's important to capture moments with your family. We're there for weddings and birthdays and major events such as graduations. We're also there for births and deaths. More importantly, we are here to help decorate your walls. Well, my family is just like your family. I'm thinking about fresh family portraits right now.

Funny enough I just updated our family wall gallery and looks like I'll be updating it again. That's the beauty of wall galleries. They grow as your family grows. They can be as intricate as a tree with branches leading to individual frames or as simple as a collage of prints in a dedicated area. Check out my blog post about building a wall gallery here.

If you're in the Arlington, TX area I invite you to schedule a visit to view my wall galleries. You can send me a note here: contact G. I'll be posting a video very soon as well.

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