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Best Small Business Loans for Women: Advice from ROK Financial

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You have your small business idea, but now you need to figure out how to get started. No big deal. Trying to find funding to finance your idea...that's a different problem. Yikes!

Don't start worrying yet. There are options. When I started my business, I used the little money I had to invest in equipment (a camera) and I asked the parents for help here and there. I also used my credit card sparingly, but it was the quickest option available to me at the time.

Now, fast forward eight years, and times have changed (for the better). There are more resources and definitely more options for funding your small business venture. More importantly, there are resources created specifically for women businesses. In this article Madison Taylor, Brand Ambassador for ROK Financial discusses the myriad of funding options from small business loans to grants. Read the article here: Simple Tips To Find The Best Small Business Loans for Women.

I believe in an "each one, teach one" community. Sharing valid and timely information with others is just one of the ways we can support each others' businesses.

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