• Gwendolyn Houston Jack

Family First Fridays: Family is Everything

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to "grow up". I figured I'd have a kitchen like George Jetson and a home in the clouds. Wasn't that the limit? Then I became a teenager in the 90's.

I experienced racial bias, witnessed police brutality, and lost my faith in TV preachers. I look back and reflect on my anger during those years. How could this be the world I dreamed about as a kid? Now it's 2018.

I'm older and wiser (for what it's worth). I've been dumped via email, underemployed, and homeless. I've had stuff and lost stuff. Through it all my family has been there. In this world of the unknown the one and only constant has been the love and support of my family.

If you were blessed to open your eyes this morning and you're reading this, get on the horn. Call up your family (blood or not) and let them know they're loved. Make today the best day ever. Yes, family is everything.

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