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Family First Fridays: Meeting Grounds

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Austin County Fair Convention and Expo Center Bellville Texas family reunion family gatherings park building

It could be grandma's house (why is it always grandma's house?) or the park. It doesn't really matter. A family will determine the "spot" is and everyone returns to ground zero. This is the beauty of family reunions.

Our family meets in Bellville, TX once every two years at the county fair grounds. Now, we've gotten a little bigger since then, but it still works. Folks from as far as Minnesota and as close as Georgia travel in to represent one of 14 descendants. I truly believe Jacob and Mariah Cloud would be ecstatic to see what they've created.

In a time when it feels all hell is breaking loose I'm grounded by my family.

Sanders Cloud family reunion old home in country Bellville Texas

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