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Bringing the Studio to You!

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I remember when my parents would pack us into the car for the annual family portrait. We must’ve made this trip a few hundred times in my childhood. Okay, a hundred is a lot, but I need the exaggeration to make a point. I can’t remember when we stopped making the trip, but we did stop. Most of the other photos of my siblings and I were filled in by the annual school photo. Oh, the memories.

At Home

So now what do we do as adults? Do we still haul ourselves into our car and find the latest, greatest spot to capture a shot with our cellphone? Everyone appears to be so concerned with their photos now more than ever. Yet, several persons don’t take the time to get a professional to handle the job.

What makes you?

Well, the smart move would be to have the photographer travel to you. Any photographer worth the sweat and tears of a bad selfie would know how to transform your home into the very best studio you’ve ever seen. We can work magic with any space and yes, we’re great handlers of light.

We’ll list the top three reasons for using a home studio throughout the week.

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