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Remembering the First Time

The beauty of always having your camera on you is being able to capture “that” moment. You know the one moment people will be talking about for years to come. The moment where people say, “Geez, I wish I’d had my camera on me.”

Granted with cameras and video recorders on our phone we can all do that. Of course, I find myself much too lazy sometimes to take my phone out to snap a picture. Well, I decided a few years back to start packing my camera with me again. It was a conscious decision to revisit my young teen roots. I’m especially happy I did too!

In Houston there was an amazing idea of throwing a party called HueSoul. It was a brilliant idea…good old fashioned soul music and the opportunity to dance the night away. The event was held in different venues, but the best location was on the rooftop. Although I resided in the Dallas area, I would drive hours to Houston just to enjoy a HueSoul event. Well one night I brought my camera with me and figured I’d capture this greatness in action.

I later shared with the promoter my pictures…never thinking anyone would ever use them. I recall speaking with the DJs and asking them if someone ever thought about taking pictures at this event. It was on their mind, but they are spinning music. Let’s fast forward to me sharing my pictures and one of the DJs asking to use a photo for an event. Of course I said, “YES!”

I didn’t think about photo credits until it was far too late, but we all know who took the photo. And that was the first time my work was ever printed. It’s also pretty sweet that this event took place on my nephew’s birthday, which is today.

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